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LHP Review: Essential Lutheranism

Braaten, Carl. E. Essential Lutheranism: Theological Perspectives on Christian Faith and Doctrine. Dehli, NY: American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, 2012. 205 Pages. Paper. $17.00. (LHP)  The aim of this book is to present the essentials of confessional Lutheran theology in an ecumenical and pluralistic age.    The old Lutheranism will not do as the author says.   The identity to strive for is evangelical and catholic or orthodox.   The author feels that the LCMS is stuck in the period of seventeenth century Lutheran orthodoxy and appeals too much to the Book of Concord.   The end result is that he feels we spend too much time as LCMS Lutherans talking what makes us different from other traditions, especially Reformed Protestant to the one side and Roman Catholic to the other side.    Thus, he believes the LCMS and WELS tend to be anti-ecumenical because of this approach.   In Chapter One, Lutheran Identity, he spends a lot of time t

Received for Review

Moore, Bob, Arranger. One in Love and Peace: Wedding Music for Piano, Organ, and Optional Instruments (Instrumental Edition). Chicago: GIA Publications, 2012. 154 Pages Spiral Bound sheet music. $49.95. (LH) The Voices of Anam Cara. James Jordan, Conductor. Inscape: Choral Music of Gerald Custer.   Chicago: GIA Publications, 2008. Audio CD. $15.95. (LH) The Voices of Anam Cara. James Jordan, Conductor. Angels in the Architecture.   Chicago: GIA Publications, 2010. Audio CD. $15.95. (LH)   Schuchard, Bruce G. 1-3 John (Concordia Commentary). St. Louis: Concordia, 2012. 756 Pages. Cloth. $49.99. (LHP) Walther, C. F. W. Matthew C. Harrison, editor. The Church and the Office of The Ministry. St. Louis: Concordia, 2012. 495 Pages. Cloth. $34.99. (LHP) Engelbrecht, Edward A., Genera