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Received for Review

Keating, Ray. Wine Into Water (A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel). Manorville, NY: Keating Reports, 2016. 277 Pages. Paper. $16.99.

Lutheran Book Review Author Spotlight: Tyrel Bramwell

Bramwell, Tyrel. The Gift and the Defender (Lumen Legends Series, Book I). Grail Quest Books, 2016. Kindle eARC received.

Back in 2011, we saw an early version of this novel. In part, we said: 

T. Emmett Bramwell merges our world and a fantasy realm together in The Gift and the Defender, the first volume in a planned series.Michaelis, a young peasant, answers the call to arms in the stead of his dead father only to find that he is in the midst of the bleakest, bloodiest war his people have ever known. The Lumen Kingdom needs a hero, someone to unite them and lead them to victory. Can Michaelis be this man? Can he muster the courage to deliver the Lumen Kingdom from the brink of total annihilation? Ill-practiced traditions, time, nature, and a ruthless enemy hell-bent on eradication stand in his way. Afraid of becoming a nobody, Adam Malloy leaves his small town f…