Endorsement: A Whisk(e)yman's Clergy Narrative, Part 4


Rev. Christopher I. Thoma has both a unique wit and a unique set of discerning taste buds. His friends are numerous, the source of many bottles of "the water of life," and his wife and children are the source of innumerable adventures that serve as counterpoint to his skilled descriptions of the nose, palate, and finish of whatever he finds in a nearby glass. Readers are treated to see vignettes in the life of a pastor, theologian, husband, father, and the quirky neighbor in a parsonage. He can expound faithful teaching and practice from Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions with the deftness with which he also describes the good, bad, and ugly of the world of whisk(e)y.

I'm more of a beer guy, yet there's plenty to savor and learn here.

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